Thank God! Gregg is out.

Obama considers pulling a Chris Brown.

Obama considers pulling a "Chris Brown".

WASHINGTON – Saying, “I made a mistake,” Republican Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire abruptly withdrew as commerce secretary nominee on Thursday and drew a testy reaction from the White House, suddenly coping with the third Cabinet withdrawal of Barack Obama’s young presidency.

Why Obama picked this man to be commerce sec  is beyond me. 

First of all, he is a hard core fiscal conservative.  More importantly, he actually voted in 1995 to abolish the Commerce Department.  Why Obama picked a guy who voted to eliminate a department, to run it, is beyond me.  Many believe it was a sly move to try to gain another Democratic seat in the Senate.  However, there was deal reached with the Governor of NH to appoint another Republican.

The only possible reason I see for the appointment was that it was an effort to reach across the aisle to conservatives.  We see how you get paid back for doing that.  I hope Obama has finally learned his lesson, and starts going on the offense.  My recommendation:  Commerce Sec. Dennis Kucinich.   It’s time to really scare these people.


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