Dumbest Anti-Abortion Add Ever!

This add brought to you by the fine people at http://www.catholicvote.com/ is so dumb it makes me want to get an abortion just to piss off the person who filmed it, and I am a man.

In the add, they show a sonogram of a fetus.

They state:

This Child’s Future is a Broken Home.
he will be abandoned by his father,
his single mother will struggle to raise him.

Despite the struggles he will endure,
this child…..will become….
The 1st African American President.

They then Cut to a picture of Obama and say:

Life: Imagine the potential.

Now I have lived in areas of poverty, in fact after some research I have found that 13 million children are living in poverty.

Most of these children will receive poor educations, and go on to live below average lives at the best. Some will make it, some will become leaders, and champions of industry. However Obama’s presidency is not an indication that every unborn child’s life is precious. It is just a distraction, an appeal to the stupid, and a misuse of our Presidents image, to support a policy he does not support.


You win our “Dumb Anti-Abortion Ad” award for 2009.

Here it is.

Can also be used if abortion is made illegal again.

Can also be used if abortion is made illegal again.

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