Awesome, Gupta drops out of Surgeon General spot.

(CNN) — Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, has withdrawn his name from consideration as surgeon general of the United States, an administration official said Thursday.

“Sanjay Gupta was under serious consideration for the job of surgeon general,” the official said in an e-mail. “He has removed himself from consideration to focus more on his medical career and his family.

I love it when people drop out or quit something in order to focus more on their family. It is the biggest hosre-shit lie you can think of, and no one buys it. His other reason, to focus more on his medical career? Are you kidding me? That would be like David Letterman saying he is dropping out of late night telivision to work more on his interviewing career. You are the Surgeon General. You are the only doctor in America that can send troops into battle. OK, just kidding there, but please. This guy has been whoring himself to CNN for years, went to Iraq as an embedded reporter, where was the love of his family and practice then? Perhaps he didn’t drop out, he got the presidential boot in the ass. Why? He is against Universal Health Care, something Obama vigorously campaigned on. No real progressive liked him as a choice. Including the most important one, me.

Now watch this drive. Michael Moore hands him his ass on Larry King.

Here is what started it all, and Moore again hands CNN their collective ass.

I realize they are both long, but so you probably missed the very last line in the second video. It’s Lou “Depends Undergarments” Dobbs saying: “Are you having fun with Michael Moore? He is more of a Left Wing promoter than Hugo Chavez for crying out loud.”

CNN, the alleged mouthpiece of the liberals.

Anyway, Gupta’s out, so that is cool.

I have already sent a text to Obama’s Blackberry on who he should pick next.

Tommy Chong.

One Response to “Awesome, Gupta drops out of Surgeon General spot.”

  1. In the first video I cracked the fuck up when Moore busted Gupta for using his line about taxes in France.

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