Rap Lyrics to Fit The Economy

I have money, do you?

I have money, do you?

We all know we are in tough times right now, yet rappers seem to be fine. I think it is time for the lyrics to match the times we live in. So in my first installment, I take “Lil Wayne ft T-Pain’s ‘Got Money'” and change a few words to reflect the current economic environment. If you don’t know rap, I have included a Youtube to acclimate you with the song. Unfortunately I am unable to embed the actual released Video, or the original song without the other rappers, but it will still give you an idea.

[Intro: Broke Wayne]
I need a Winn-Dixie Grocery bag full of money right now to turn on my electricity
You got No Mula In the house tonight baby
No Mula Baby!

[Chorus: TBill-Pain + Broke Wayne]
Go not money (yeah)
And you know it
Take the change out your pocket and show it (then)
Save it (Cry)
It’s OK (Cry)
It’s OK (Cry)
It’s OK (Cry)
It’ll Change!
Gettin’ mugged is OK with Me
Hang over the bridge, say, God why me?
Like (CRY)
It’s OK (Cry)
It’s OK (Cry)
It’s OK (Cry)
It’ll Change!

[Verse 1: Broke Wayne]
Now I was bouncing through the club
She hated my new Flippy Flops
I see her boyfriend askin for a place to flop
Now I ain’t never been political but my countries rocked.
Say I ain’t never been a Democrat but my 401K is lost.
Now where your stocks at?
I’m tryna sell em out
And we so bout change
Now what are you about?
DJ show me love
He say my name when the music drop
No Money Broke Wayne
Then to the bus stop
I hate the snow
I hate the flurry
It’s making my 96 Hyundai all dirty
Broke Wayne on them flows
A.K.A. Mr. I’m in pain On Them Hoes (No Money)

[Chorus: ]

[Verse 2: Broke Wayne]
(I’m almost sleepin on the Streets!)
Here we go one for the money
Two for the show
Now clap your hands if lost your bank roll
Like some clap on lights in this bitch
I be clapping all night
In this bitch (uhh hun)
Lights off (uhh hun)
Waters out(uhh hun)
She saw me (uhh hun)
She pouts (yeah)
He muggin’
Who cares, cause my pockets, are so bare
This hurts bad. And I’m immune to pain.
Before Cash 4 Gold
I had eight chains
I lost so much
They evict Wayne!
She wanna borrow money
She wanna charge Wayne (uhh hun)


[Verse 3: Broke Wayne]
It’s Broke Wayne on them hoes
A.K.A. Mr. take the train to them hoes
Like ehhhh!
Everybody say
Mr. Obama
Can we have a rainy day?
Bring a umbrella
Please bring a umbrella
Ella, ella, ella ehhh!
Bush ain’t shit but a ho and a trick
Bet you can’t drive to your job, if you aint got it
You know we ain’t payin cause we ain’t got shit.
And I wash your windows for a dime or a nick
So Fake Rolex watch this
My watch don’t have a 4 or a 6
And just like it I’m worthless as shit
Cause Bush fucked our Country with his friend Dick


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