Putins’ Palin


Putin’s poster girl: Pin-up politician who hates the West… but loves Thatcher

At only 24 she is already tipped to become a minister, and perhaps achieve her goal of ruling Russia. Happy to exploit her glamorous looks, Maria Sergeyeva has emerged seemingly from nowhere to become a leading propagandist for her hero, Vladimir Putin, her country’s ‘Iron Man’ Prime Minister.

Critics, who have dubbed her ‘Putin’s pin-up’, say that she is being used by the former KGB leader to target the young and to whip up jingoism and loathing of the West as Russia stares into the abyss of an economic crisis.

‘Maria is a potent combination,’ says a supporter in Putin’s party, United Russia. ‘She can sway crowds with her passion, her looks and her punchy style, but she also reaches out via her blogs and webcasts to places that normal politics fails to go.’

She is a leading light of the Young Guards, a youthful and growing band of zealots dedicated to resisting any efforts to stop Putin’s inexorable Russian revolution.

The Young Guards are close ideological cousins of Nashi, the controversial government-funded ‘youth movement’ that led a six-month campaign of intimidation against former British Ambassador Sir Anthony Brenton in 2006 after he attended a conference held by critics of the Kremlin.

Both organisations were engineered to mimic Soviet-era youth organisations, such as the Young Communists, with the purpose of boosting ‘ patriotism’ in support of the ruling elite. But the Young Guards, though currently smaller than Nashi, have become more influential by harnessing the power of the internet to spread their message.

Well she is defiantly hotter that Palin, but I bet she has a giant Russian Bush. She scares me too with her Putin Youth shit Hopefully the Ruskies are a little smarter than us and don’t try to pick their leaders by looks, but by sheer evil.

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