Mos Def vs. Christopher Hitchens

You can not look cooler than me.

You can not look cooler than me.

The Mighty Mos Def vs The Righty/Lefty Christopher Hitchens on Bill Maher.

Pretty good battle.

10 Responses to “Mos Def vs. Christopher Hitchens”

  1. Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris always come off kinda weird on network shows.. to me at least…

    any time i’ve seen either of them in debates with a longer time to talk they’ve owned it.

  2. Hitchens is a weird guy. His views are super right wing on some stuff, then super left wing on others.

  3. Hitchens never answered the fucking question. Props to Mos Def for standing his ground. And WTF was Rushdie yammering about? Has he gone senile?

  4. sonicsoundoff Says:

    Hitchens never answered the question because, and quite justifiably, Mos Def was asking an asinine question. This lame excuse of “I don’t speak Arabic,” and “I don’t trust what the media tells me” as his explaination for WHY he hasn’t, umm, tuned in to the very REAL threat or political motivations, i.e. the teachings IN the Qu’ran, both implied and vocalized BY al-Qaeda and the Taliban, doesn’t hold water. Then again, Mos Def is a 9/11 troofer who insists that the Bush Administration orchestrated the wretched events of that day, EVEN THOUGH al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the whole thing. Oh, wait, that’s right, Mos Def doesn’t speak Arabic…. sheesh… and you guys are commending this dolt? He is “choosing to believe” what he wants to believe on a very uninformed, not at all reasearched idea that there is some mystery to the political motivations OF the Taliban and al-Qaeda. He was basically implying that the Taliban and al-Qaeda pose no threat, and if you all cannot see that, or choose to live in denial about accepting that very real truth, then I feel very sorry for you, your readers, and Mos Def, because up until recently I had a lot of respect for his artistic expression, both in his acting AND music.

    This whole narcassistic idea behind standing up for the alleged under dog, or rather the “Freedom Fighters”, aka, the Taliban in Afghanistan or al-Qaeda or even the militant youth in Palestine (like the kid that just killed an Israeli youth with an axe today), is not only becoming irrelavant, but is counter productive, and even self detrimental. WAKE UP youth of America! I guess no one has heard of MEMRI T.V. ’round these parts…

  5. I thought he came of quite well as a “rapper” however, sonicsoundoff”.

    If Lil Wayne was in a debate with a very educated scholar of polotices, I think the debate would have went differently.

    I never commended, nor offered ANY commentary on this debate, for I was more interested in what people more schooled in these issues, such as yourself, would have to say.

    I have never heard of MEMRI T.V., bur see that it is The Middle East Media Research Institute.

    You see “round these parts” the average American says Arab = Evil. I know it is sad, but true.

    BTW: What parts are you round?

  6. sonicsoundoff Says:

    Hi Otto,

    First, I think we can both agree that the idea that Arab=Evil is not only grossly ignorant, but also irresponsible AND very racist. That is an undeniable fact. However, there are several examples to be found within the Qu’ran and ahadith (traditions about Muhammad’s life) that support the ideas that al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinnejad, and even Palestinian youth base their ideas of a world wide Islamic Caliphate on (and the idea behind NOT recognizing Israel’s right to exist, AND supporting mass genocide of Israel’s Jews). Those ideas, THOSE are the political motivations OF al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and the others mentioned. There have been a slew of videos that have Osama bin Laden, and various other minions/leaders of these TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS spouting off about this idea, and by the way, this is NOT something cultivated within poverty – bin Laden’s father was/is a successful oil tycoon in that region.

    One thing I do have to say is that clearly, Bill Maher made a poor choice of characters for that evening’s panel, in SOME regards. However, in others, I can see why he would have chosen these folks. Rushdie was there are a buffer between Hitchens and Mos Def, clearly, as you could see he was trying to relate some of the “rules” the Taliban and al-Qaeda were trying to impose, i.e. the banning of secular music. Sounds pretty oppressive to me, so WHO is the opressor here? Again, Mos Def’s stance is self destructive for THAT sheer fact; he is clearly, while perpas even inadvertantly, supporting an ideology which he does not realize is militantly opposed to him, his art and his lifestyle. Also, I think Maher chose Mos Def BECAUSE of his ideas about 9/11 and his “activism” in these areas being such a blatant contrast to the ideas of Hitchens and Rushdie, and I am SURE it made for some good ratings for Maher…

    People do not realize that the wheels of motion are turning on the issue of the idea of an Islamic Caliphate. Did you guys know that just last week, the U.N. passed a motion that would in fact make it illegal internationaly to question the doctrines and tenants OF the Islamic faith, coining this kind of quesitoning as defamation of religion? If the US were to strictly adhere to, in some sense, and it may never happen due to it being a violation of our first amendment right, to U.N. imposed law, people like Hitchens would be cuffed and sent to jail for violation of some international law, which, also, by the way, did you know the leader of Pakistan said this violation should be punishable by death about a week and a half ago??? It should be noted that currently, no law stands with the U.N. that BANS the quesitoning of Christianity, and clearly they don’t give two shits about tenants of the Jewish faith as exhibited by the FIRST Durban meeting, which thank GOD the Obama administration will NOT be a part of Durban II this year. After Bowing to the Saudi king today (a major no no), NOT participating the this blatant jew-hate fest is the least he could do!

  7. sonicsoundoff Says:

    Also, I am in the D.C. area “part’o’town”

  8. Whoa, I am going to have to print that and read it before I respond.

    D.C is a beutiful area!

  9. Ok, I hve read it, and I agree on every point that I understand.

    Of course I agree the Arab = Evil thing is stupid.

    We have a radio show where we discuss these issues with David Moore.

    We aso have Yousef Islams cover of a George Harrison tune here in the blog.

    It is clear you have a career in polotics.

    Would you share that with us, or is it to personal ( I would understand, maybe generalize).

  10. Otto, i cannot disclose too much, because my ideas are considered UBER controversial, mostly due in part to the fact that i do not worship in the house of political correctness, but I CAN reveal that I AM a political activist, and here are some sites that i would STRONGLY suggest you and your readers check out:

    Thank you for hearing me out. I get that the truth can be hard to swallow at times,especially with a nation so hopeful and enamored by the new administration. but, we MUST look at every angle regarding these matters in the trying new era that we face.

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