Ban the Breastpump?



I’m Anne, 31 year old mother of five children on earth and one in heaven. I’m a wife, mother, nurse, homeschooler, and child of God, not necessarily in that order. I have two children on the Autism Spectrum, I’m a big Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek, I’m a gamer, I love books, tea, music, friends, and of course my family.

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We are going to be unique and special!

We are going to be unique and special!

Reagan 11
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Through the wonder of sharing on Facebook, I came across an article that left me completely perplexed as to our priorities as women and why we would choose breastpumps to be mad at instead of empowering ourselves. I’ve decided to do my standard quote and answer treatment here in response to the article Ban the Breastpump by Judith Warner. Full text is at the link.

“The way your nipples can get stretched,” the others chime in. “… the nipple gets sucked into the plastic thing” … “and it hurts by the way” … “and you measure your success every day by now many ounces you produce.”

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