Right Wing Blogs Losing All Adverising / Going Under.

This week several major bloggers — most politically right-of-center — will see the shuttering of their blog ad network. Pajamas Media, which launched in 2004 and provided advertising for conservative bloggers like Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin, announced earlier this year that it would close down its display advertising for blogs in order to put more focus on its online video component.

When Pajamas Media opened its doors a few years ago it had managed to lure away several large blogs from other networks, but the company failed to gain a firm footing, a situation that likely worsened as display advertising across all blog networks took a dip.

Cool, all those sites really sucked anyway. Especially Malkin. She scared me more than Ann Coulter! Pajamas Media is a big supporter of Joe The Plumber, as he is a correspondent!

As long as they dont take down AlphaInventions, I am cool.

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