Obama Open to Prosecution of Officials Who Cleared Torture

Fine, Fine, I enjoy the Jonas Brothers!!!!

Fine, Fine, I enjoy the Jonas Brothers!!!!

President Obama left open the door Tuesday for charges to be brought against Bush administration lawyers who justified harsh interrogation techniques, though he continued to argue that CIA agents who used those tactics should not be prosecuted.

The president showed wiggle room on the issue as he faces calls from Democratic lawmakers and organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union to support such charges. Asked about the possibility of prosecution related to the interrogation program, the president deferred to Attorney General Eric Holder.

“With respect to those who formulate those legal decisions, I would say that that is going to be more of a decision for the attorney general within the parameters of various laws,” Obama said, as he finished an Oval Office meeting with visiting King Abdullah of Jordan. “And I don’t want to prejudge that. … There are a host of very complicated issues involved there.”


Finnaly a flip flop we can believe in. Of course they should be prosecuted. I have a feeling AG Holder rode Obama’s ass on this one. He has been wanting to get his claws on Bush since his hand hit that Bible. BTW: Torture does not work. You throw someone into a wall, drown them, or cover them in spiders they will say whatever you want them to say. Not tell the truth.

Now watch this drive!

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