Howl at the Moon, Beyonce.

Yesterday Howard Stern played the board mix from Beyonce’s 2008 “Today Show” appearance, and it ain’t pretty.  Listen to her screeching and cackling. It’s almost as unbearable as listening to Robin Quivers speak on “The Howard Stern Show”.

For those who don’t know, often during live appearances, a flawless, pre-recorded track will be played for the audience while the singer sings along  on a muted mic that feeds directly into the sound board. The feed that is captured in the sound board and referred to as the “board mix”.

Oh and papa Knowles is not amused. But I’m amused, and that’s all that counts, really.

One Response to “Howl at the Moon, Beyonce.”

  1. […] I posted a blog about an ear-shattering board-mix of Beyonce singing “If I Were a Boy” that was played […]

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