Meghan McCain is pretty awesome.

I know you play for the other team, in more ways than one, but...  Yes we can?

I know you play for the other team, in more ways than one, but... Yes we can?

NEW YORK, April 24 (UPI) — Meghan McCain, whose father was the GOP presidential nominee in 2008, said Thursday longtime Republican political adviser Karl Rove should “go away.”

Appearing as a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” McCain was asked about her recent assertion that Rove was “creepy” because he follows her on Twitter, the microblogging Internet service. She said Rove’s time of political relevance has passed, the New York Daily News reported.

You’ve had your eight years,” she said. “Now go away.”

By way of explanation, McCain said was singling Rove out “more as a metaphor” for Republicans who think the party can attract younger voters just by buying into the latest technology. She said the party would do better with young voters if it would be more accepting of moderates.

“Stop telling me I don’t have a place,” she said.

McCain said she thinks the “morning after” contraceptive pill should be readily available, along with education about birth control in general. She said the Republican Party needs to accept people with similar positions if it is to thrive, the newspaper said.

“Back under (Barry) Goldwater and (Ronald) Reagan, we were an umbrella party,” she said. “I think the Republican Party still has a lot of offer. … I don’t think Karl Rove will be the catalyst.”

I hope she doesnt speak for all Republicans. I think they should continue to focus on abortion, guns, and homosexuality. It has gotten them so far!

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