Minnesota recount will go into June!


The never-ending recount in Minnesota keeps on going and going… Per the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minnesota Supreme Court won’t begin hearing Norm Coleman’s (R) appeal until June 1.

Here is the timeline that the court’s five justices set:
— Coleman must file his brief in the case no later than next Thursday
— Al Franken has until May 11 to do this
— Coleman then has until May 15 to file a reply brief.
— and the justices will hear the appeal on June 1, at 10:00 am ET


Unbelievable. I would use the word hypocracy here, but Nacy Pelosi has sucked that word dry as of late.

I think Eric, in a comment on this NBC blog summed it up in a perfectly sophomoric way.

We have to wait until June 1 before we get to see the Minnesota Supreme Court give sore loser coleman a well deserved legal wedgie, that ought to bunch up coleman’s briefs huh? On June 1 they’ll hear sore loser coleman squeal because they won’t believe in his soiled briefs. Then when the Supreme Court gives it’s ruling we’ll see the sore loser’s supporters whine baby whine.

Hey and thanks to the repugnant ones who contributed to the sore loser’s illegal defense fund and who unwittingly ended up contributing to Senator Al Franken’s legal defense fund. Doesn’t get your briefs all knotted up? We who gets the last laugh laughs best! Ha Ha!

Seat Senator Al Franken Now!

You are a great writer Eric from Salinas, if you could just CAPITALIZE names.

Anyway, I feel that once the Minnesota Supreme Court decides Al won, the Democrats will sue Coleman for obstruction and it will be over. Watch. I am never wrong.

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