Scientologists Banned From Editing Wikipedia


Now they’ve done it… The Church of Scientology has managed to piss off two of the most powerful entities on the web… Anonymous and Wikipedia.  Who’s next, L. Ron? Oprah?

Wikipedia has voted to ban all ip’s owned by the church and it’s associates due to less than forthcoming edits related to the cult. 

Cheer up, Scientologists. At least you get to keep Tom Cruise.

Oh, wait… NVM.

Wikipedia Bans Church of Scientology Wikipedia has banned the Church of Scientology from editing any articles. It’s a punishment for repeated and deceptive editing of articles related to the controversial religion. The landmark ruling comes from the inner circle of a site that prides itself on being open and inclusive.


In a 10-1 ruling Thursday, the site’s arbitration council voted to ban users coming from all IP addresses owned by the Church of Scientology and its associates, and further banned a number of editors by name. The story was first reported by The Register.

Full article here.

2 Responses to “Scientologists Banned From Editing Wikipedia”

  1. ahahah

  2. lol

    No sane person likes Scientologists.

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