Carradine Death Photo Published in Thai Tabloid


Thailand newspaper Thai Rath has published the alleged David Carradine death photo (above).

24 Responses to “Carradine Death Photo Published in Thai Tabloid”

  1. It’s shady to say the least!
    I think the autopsy in the USA will show
    those ligature marks were made after death
    or some other evidence that will confirm foul play.
    Suicide and accidental (sex) deaths like this are frequent cover-ups in suspicious deaths – some of the top stupidest things I hear on say, NBC

    The guy had everything to live for. And at 72, only acted it up for the movies
    and music. Anyone who knew him will tell ‘ya.
    Try not to believe everything you read. There is this thing called bias.
    He had got himself clean and into fitness years ago and was going to shoot a film in tailand in two weeks.
    I heard from my buddy who works at MTV. He knows one of his groupies. He was found with his hands tied swinging in the closet of his hotel with an apple in his mouth.

    tai mafia – their version of a mexican necktie
    Common in tailand I guess. They are well known for killing porn actresses this way. They probably know who is responsible but are paid to say suicide or whatever. They don’t care either. Those responsible will never come to justice. Just counting their cash.

    What a waste of life just for the insurance money on the production.

    His talent will be missed.

    Kill Bill is a classic.

  2. Looker… I agree with the foul play theory. If that’s really him, his hands are tied pretty tight. At the least, maybe some hookers freaked when he died and split the scene.

    Either way, I was a fan of his and am saddened by his death. 😦

  3. TMZ has an interesting article on how easy it would be to tie himself up like that…

  4. I scare of that photos..

  5. ILYAS AFSOH Says:

    i am not so sure :((

  6. Oh my God!

    How was he able to get himself into that situation? For sure, there’s somebody else with him when this happened!

    This picture only opened up more questions for the Thai police to answer.

    What a way to die…

  7. texas buddha Says:

    Looking for David Carradine’s death photos? CLICK HERE

  8. I just wonder where the sexual release is for him if he was alone and couldn’t reach his cock? I don’t get the whole auto-erotic asphyxiation thing AT ALL.

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  10. […] im talking about david carradine.  ever heard of him?  he’s the kung-fu guy and one of the lead actors in the “kill bill” series.  well, news of his “death” wasn’t really a shocker. i guess death (esp suicide) is as frequent as birth and marriage in hollywood.  what is totally disgusting and disturbing are the photos. […]

  11. Is he wearing a wig there?
    a leopard-skinned suit?
    previous reports of his hands being tied said “behind” his back, not over his head.
    is there any actual proof that this is even a real photograph of the scene, or do we just buy into it because Carradine’s face is super-imposed on the front there?

  12. ewwood…

    Still not sure if the pic is real.

    The reports I read said his hands were tied over his head and the rope went down to his privates.

  13. laborlawguy Says:

    So why is his hair suddenly black?

  14. I do not think that is david hanging there. that person has a young body.

  15. O my God !

    Crazy people.

  16. People, please. Think. David Carradine was like most of us – he had his private moments and he had things that turned him on. Lots of people who have everything to live for do risky things that may shorten or end their lives prematurely – hard drugs anyone? Skydiving? both?

    The amazing part is that this man was in fantastic shape for a 72 year old and could get up to this mischief at all. He lived an incredible life, gave a lot of performances that his fans enjoyed, and he died which we all will do as well.

    All this crap talk of murder is just that – crap. David Carradine was a man, not a saint, and the fact that he appears to be in drag or certainly wearing some form of wig/costume and is tied up means diddly. Grow up and stop watching so many crappy American crime scene shows. They dont make you an expert. What you are an expert on is common sense, if you actually sit back and think for a moment without hang ups.

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  18. Horrible pictures like this appear every day in the Thai Language newspapers – it is nothing new and the Thai people do not find it shocking. The English language papers (Nation and Bangkok Post) are more mature of course.

  19. He was someone I grew up watching on TV, It’s ashame to see him go like this, In some situations reading a story of what happen is enough.But in countries that living each day is a blessing and sensitivity is not a norm.

  20. […] Carradine Death Photo Published in Thai Tabloid Thailand newspaper Thai Rath has published the alleged David Carradine death photo (above). […]

  21. […] Carradine Death Photo Published in Thai Tabloid […]

  22. […] Carradine Death Photo Published in Thai Tabloid […]

  23. […] Carradine Death Photo Published in Thai Tabloid […]

  24. […] Carradine Death Photo Published in Thai Tabloid […]

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