Joe Arpaio Vs Al Sharpton

Do you have anything bigger?

Do you have anything bigger?

Part 1 from April:

Part 2 from today:

Sharpton is a slimy worthless wanna-be Jesse Jackson, who is a slimy wanna be Martin Luthar King, but he makes some excellent points.

About the Protest Today / 6/20

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration circus got another ring Friday with Al Sharpton’s visit to Phoenix.

The hard-line sheriff and the controversial civil-rights advocate, who has been a vocal critic of Arpaio’s immigration policies, met Friday afternoon in downtown Phoenix.

The meeting resulted in protestors from both sides showing up at the Wells Fargo office complex in downtown Phoenix, site of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, where he and Sharpton were meeting. Phoenix police set up buffer zones to separate dozens of anti- and pro-Arpaio protestors.

Arpaio protestors include those contending his immigration and crime sweeps unfairly target Hispanics. Some of the Arpaio supporters called for the deportation of illegal immigrants, and at least one was armed.

The MCSO has raided businesses it believes hire illegals and has arrested illegal immigrants congregating at day labor sites in the Phoenix area.

Arpaio said earlier this week he was disturbed by charges from some of his critics that he is a “fascist” and a “neo-Nazi.” Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and the Phoenix New Times have brought up the fact that some active supporters of Arpaio’s immigration polices have links to neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

A recent New Times story shows protestors at a pro-Arpaio rally shaking hands and getting their pictures taken with the sheriff, then later giving Nazi salutes.

Arpaio told the Phoenix Business Journal earlier this week that he denounces those types of groups and has his picture taken with all kinds of people, and he can’t perform background checks on them.

The MCSO is under investigation by the federal government over whether its immigration raids and crime sweeps unfairly target Hispanics.

Again, Sharpton = slimeball. But an enemy of an enemy is a friend.

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