Will “Neverland” be the new “Graceland”?


It’s beginning to look like it.

Neverland Ranch was the sprawling 2,800 acre estate owned by Michael Jackson. Named after Peter Pan’s “Neverland”, the ranch was a massive display of excess, boasting a mansion where Jackson lived, amusement park rides, a zoo, and imaculate landscaping. It is also the location where Jackson’s alleged sexual misconduct with minors is said to have taken place. Jackson moved from the ranch in 2003, claiming that the 70+ police officers who searched the property violated his sense of security there, and the home has been vacant ever since.

TMZ has been reporting some recent activity on the ranch, including a cement truck, installation of port-a-potties, and a glass cart (funeral cart?) enroute to the estate. As a result, I’m going to go ahead and assume that the Jackson family is building up Neverland to become the new and improved Graceland. And like Elvis before him, Jackson will be laid to rest at the home he loved. We all know that Michael always wanted what Elvis had (cough Lisa Marie, cough).

Of course I have no reliable source for this information, other than the fact that Joe Jackson had denied it. Joe Jackson is a clueless fuck. Remember this past weekend when he he was pimping out his new record label and he claimed to be “the only Jackson to make it to the BET awards”? Never mind that Janet Jackson made a heartfelt tribute to her brotherĀ onstage at the BET awards. Dumb Joe.

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