Gary Coleman’s Wife Arrested


According to E! Online… Shannon Price, the wife of Gary Coleman, was arrested for domestic violence.

“Gary Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price, was arrested Wednesday in Santaquin, Utah, on suspicion of domestic violence and disorderly conduct, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office confirms to E! News.

The duo have a home in Santaquin, but it’s not known for sure whether Coleman was the target of the alleged attack.

Price has since been released on a $1,205 bond. A rep for Coleman has not yet commented on the bust.”

 I’m pretty protective when it comes to Gary Coleman. I love the little guy. If that bitch hurt him I swear so help me god…

4 Responses to “Gary Coleman’s Wife Arrested”

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  3. […] always been an advocate for Gary Coleman as you can see here and here. I think he is a good person who got a lot of raw deals. He had to sue his parents for the money […]

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