Corey Feldman is Amazing


You can always count on Corey Feldman to try to upstage the guest of honor. He arrived at the Michael Jackson funeral dressed as Michael Jackson!

In Corey’s defense, he’s always borrowed from MJ… Watch this clip from “The Two Coreys”. Corey wrote this song for his wife as a Valentine’s Day gift, but at about 1:20, he breaks into his best Michael Jackson…

2 Responses to “Corey Feldman is Amazing”

  1. 1 part WTF + 1 pat LOL but you can still see the love in her eyes.

  2. I miss that show. It was the best reality show ever.

    I laugh when I think of the poor musicians that he hired to help with the song. Imagine what they were thinking during that song – like “25 years of music lessons and this is what it comes down to”.

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