Laverne and Shirley Star Busted for DUI

Eddie Mekka, the actor who played Carmine Ragusa (The Big Ragoo) in the 1970’s sit-com “Laverne and Shirley”, was busted for DUI last Friday after a car accident in Las Vegas.

One Response to “Laverne and Shirley Star Busted for DUI”

  1. oh come on people…do you get a thrill at picking on a down point in someones life?! Like your lives have always been f@^king perfect. If this is all you got on the man then I feel bad for you. Don’t worry Carmine, I love ya! and I’m sure Shirley still does to. F@^k the dumbsh^t people, I can think of a million other things to make the news instead of a mug shot of a good actor that might have things going on in his life that we don’t know about. Leave the guy alone!

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