Death of the Birther Movement?

Ah jeez, not this shit again!

Ah jeez, not this shit again!

Everyone has heard the rumor. Obama is not eligible to be president because he is not born in the United States. Even though he posted his birth certificate online. There is even a resolution, HR 1403, sponsored by 10 Republicans, that would make it the law to prove your citizenship to run for president.

Well the theory has evidently blown up in the republicans faces. A youtube video, originaly posted on the Drudge Report, shows a crazy lady demanding that the GOP do something about this crazy Kenyan guy in”our white house.” She then made everyone in the room say the pledge of allegiance.

The video was taken off Drudge, because it showed how ignorant and insane these claims are.

Here is the video.

Lately Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Alan Keys, and tonight Liz Cheney have gone on to speak about the conspiracy as it is fact. It is quite funny however, because this has done nothing but highlight how xenophobic and insane this theory is. It is quickly being grabbed by liberel-biased MSNBC, who have reported in the story in each of there 3 hour long shows. Ed, Olberman, and Maddow seem to take special delight on reporting on this story.

Here is a copy of his Birth Certificate.


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