Joe Jackson Blames Michael’s Beatings on Slavery


Last night Joe Jackson was on the Larry King show. When asked if he ever beat Michael, papa Joe responded, “You know where this beating started? The beating started in the slavery days… they used to beat the slaves. And then they used to torture them. That’s where this beating started – the slavemasters. And that’s where that come from.” Sounds reasonable, right?

If I was Joe’s attorney, I would have just pointed to something behind Larry King and yelled, “Larry LOOK OVER THERE!” and when Larry turned his head, I would have grabbed Joe by the hair and dragged him out of the studio. That’s what I would have done.

2 Responses to “Joe Jackson Blames Michael’s Beatings on Slavery”

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  2. kingofpopforever Says:

    poor michael, i think joe did do a good job as far as teaching them responsibility and hard work ethic etc. but, he didn’t have to beat them, i get like spanking them or smacking them when they did bad things that they knew where wrong, but just beating them because you had a temper, and he thought it was “o.k” because thats what slaves had done to them. well it’s not o.k, thats like saying, well it’s okay to kill your cat because cave-men used to kill lions!
    o.k well lions would try to kill those men, so it was in self protection, and there was a whole different way of like back them.

    joe, your kids were not slaves, and they didn’t deserve to be beat because they tripped during rehearsals!

    i’m so sorry michael, i know you must have suffered a lot. i love you, miss you, R.I.P

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