Birther Movement = Liberal Plot?


The Birther Movement is awesome! I think it is is juist great. It shows what a bunch of racist conspiracy theorists the GOP base is. I have written articles on it, HuffPo, Chris Matthews and other left leaning sites like to parade it in front of viewers as well for the above mentioned reason. Well apparently Eric Cantor, (R) of Virginia, has figured us all out.

In a statement via his spokesman, Cantor said this. TPL

“Mr. Cantor doesn’t question the President’s citizenship, but he has serious questions about the President’s push for government controlled healthcare, taxes on small business job creators, and a huge energy tax on middle class families. He finds it ironic that those most eager to talk about the President’s citizenship are in fact some of his biggest cheerleaders–whether it’s Chris Matthews or others on MSNBC, the Huffington Post, or camera toting liberal bloggers chasing people through the streets of Washington.”

Well the jig is up. I guess they have realized this story is awesome. I am not a birther, but I am birther-curious. I am curious how people can listen to people like Orly Taitz (Lawyer, Real Estate Agent, Dentist) and think she is out to do anything but enrich herself by feeding of off racist conspiracy theorems.

Orly? Yarly. RAWR!

Orly? Yarly. RAWR!

Ms. Taitz, who obtained her law degree from an unaccredited correspondence school is not even qualified for membership in the US Bar. She does give a hell of a root canal however.

Here is Orly getting dismantled on Colbert.

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