Murdered Model Jasmine Fiore Wanted to Sing, Too. Audio Included.


Jasmine Fiore, murdered wife of reality show star Ryan Jenkins, was an aspiring model and actress. So it’s not a big surprise that she wanted to sing, too.

Going by the name Jaz, Fiore’s vocals can be heard on, where she “sang” as part of the dance/electronica group Machines of Joy.

From M.O.J.s bio:

“Inspired by and deriving their name from the modernist visions in Ray Bradbury’s 60’s literature ‘Machineries Of Joy” and the neo-classic “Fahrenheit 451”, M.O.J were implanted and fused in Northern California in February 2005. California super-model/sassy singer “Jaz” (aka. Jasmine Fiore, and British musician-producer & electronix über-wizard mBlaze (aka. Mike Barnes) blend ethereal female vocals with melodic trance and progressive grooves aimed at both the charts & club remixes.”

By “ethereal female vocals” I think they mean “shitty auto-tuned vocals”, because people only use auto-tune to cover the fact that they can’t sing. Yes Kanye, this means you too.

Listen to part of her song Delirious here.

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