Yeah, I troll YouTube. And?????


Sometimes I am a troll. I admit it. An internet troll is someone that posts things on the internet, solely to get a response. I dont troll message boards, or serious things. I troll YouTube comments. Sometimes, when viewed in aggregate, these responses can be funny.

Here is a sample of some. I will not post the posts that illicit the responses, for I feel they are much more amusing if you don’t know exactly what they are talking about. Plus some are embarrassing, and I harbor a lot of shame. The first few are private messages I received, the rest are reply comments.

The first one is a private reply to a public comment where I asked “KILLERSPERM” why he harbored so much hate for so manny rappers. The rest speak for themselves, or not.

Here they are:

well-i was on youtube 2 yrs–frineds with cuban link in real life—then fat joe copieed my shit

so i had beef with joe—-some people like my music and videos irreguardless of the fact that they are really low budget—-as i grew on youtube–i started blogging–i said s0omething about joe buddens and he got all –offended—–i got no beef with him–50 cents likes to make fun of struggling artist——so how can i beef with them–easy

Funny comment that you left on her video about product placements. Product test your penis. That was HILARIOUS. I laughed sooooo hard I got really red the peed. that’s how funny it was! Thanks for a good laugh! 🙂


lol. Thank you! I meant I got really red THEN peed. 🙂


Of course i don’t want them to hurt themselves or their babies. I want them both to survive and be happy. If a women threatens to hurt herself if she doesn’t get to kill someone else, why should i stop her? you should really think about why you are for murder, and think about how accurate your arguments are. How can you look a women in the eye and tell her she’s BETTER off with a dead baby? Why is it so hard to be a man and pick up your balls and stand up for whats right?

Classy statement.

I see someone relies a little too much on “yo momma” humor.

they are the most sought after shoes on the planet right now..

so stfu

I love this guy ottotk your my hero!!!! Secondly this bitch is a fraud she didnt survive anything shes a liar has anyones asked this bitch for proof? No just like your god there is no proof to give. You think were immature look at yourself you believe a book written 1500 years ago thats been mistranslated over a hundred times about how we came to be when theres scientific evidence that prooves otherwise. Morons your the reason why people feel bad when getting a routine medical procedure!!!

He’s is Black, ottotk. All of that MSLSD yore doing is causing you to lose cognitive ability.

That’s what happens when you consume too much:

MSLSD: We Hallucinate! You Believe!!!

Unfortunately there are many more, and I plan to share them at a later date.

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