Merriman fails at killing Tilla Tequilla


Tila Tequila is probably the most annoying person on the internet. She came to fame by having the most MySpace friends of anyone. Of course this was after everyone fled MySpace, and headed to Facebook.

Her next brush with fame came from some stupid reality show I have no intention of looking up the name of. I am quite sure it is some vapid “reality” show where people try to find love while being filmed 24/7.

Hot on these two astounding feats of celebrity, she took her vapid nonsense to Twiter. She is known to post 5 twitter postings a minute. Her posts resemble what a broken down stripper on meth would like to share with the 14 year old girls that pollute that garbage heap of a social networking site.

Finally, someone has decided to take this problem into his own hands, literally. San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman was arrested early Sunday on suspicion of choking and restraining Tila.

Kudos Shawne, you are gods soldier.

Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, just run over her in your SUV.

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