Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Celebration Signs







5 Responses to “Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Celebration Signs”

  1. and your problem is what?
    It does amaze me how happy a party we have, yet being ticked off. When we have a party, we really do have a party. That is the big difference, we have a party to celebrate America, they have a protest to denounce America.
    That is what the news media can’t figure out.

  2. My point is you guys are racist gut toting assholes.

  3. I don’t think so.
    Obamacare is different than Obama-
    Cling to guns and Bible-unarmed this time was satirical-supposed to be funny-
    I don’t like the dixie flag either (we abolitionists won the war) -but with a crowd that big-you will get those idiots also.

    The whole thing is so much bigger than Obama-he just happens to be president right now-this all started a year ago-before the election, remember the TARP money? What they said it was going to be used for and what congress decided it was going to be used for is totally different.

    The current spending is just the straw that is breaking everyone’s back.

    It is the damn corruption of congress (all of them), they spend and nobody gets any help-and I mean everybody. They throw a few crumbs here and there just to try to get their special interest groups to shut up.

    Well the Tea Party people are nobodies special interest group-they are ticked at all of them, and it was just the old Hillary care being revived that got everyone going again.

    It isn’t personal against Obama-he is just in the wrong place and the wrong time-McCain would have gotten the same had he been the occupant of the WH. It is the Congress and the Senate, presidents come and go but the hill is entrenched and we can’t get rid of them (and last time we looked the majority of them are white).

    Yeah, there still is racism, but it isn’t against the color of anyone’s skin color, it is an ideological divide. Remember that Obama is still 50% white, so he is just a white guy with a good tan.

  4. No it is clearly just racism.

  5. “we abolitionists won the war”

    Are you really old enough to be an actual abolitionists?

    Was slavery still an issue when you first became aware of politics?

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