Yep, Jay Leno Sucks.


Last night, L’enfant terrible Kanye West appeared on NBC’s Jay Leno Show as the musical guest, but in light of his public tantrum, he agreed to sit down with Jay for a few questions.

Of course, Leno tossed him some softballs. And Kanye came off looking  like the self-pitying crybaby man-child he is. When asked how things were going, Kanye said:

“Yeah, it’s been extremely difficult, just dealing with the fact that I hurt someone or took anything away, you know, from a talented artist or from anyone, because I only wanted to help people.”

What a sweetheart. He only wants to help people. Great guy he is. And the question “What would your mother think?” appeared to be a pre-arranged set-up by Leno for Kanye to blame his behavior on the death of his mother.

Check out the video here:

Some questions Jay forgot to ask:

  • Did you really think that Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) was the best video of all time?
  • Follow-up to above question, assuming Kanye answers “yes”: Are you retarded?
  • Have you ever considered putting a nipple on your bottle of Henny so you don’t spill? Or use a sippy cup?
  • Do you like fishsticks?

Anyhow Kanye is going to take some time off. Hopefully he will use this time to mature and learn to sing so he doesn’t have to use auto-tune on his next album.


2 Responses to “Yep, Jay Leno Sucks.”

  1. I didnt feel the questions were softballs by any means. He asked Kanye what his Mother, who he is way to close with, would say about it.

    Not only that it wasnt even supposed to be a Q/A it was supposed to be an apology for Disney Swift.

    Thats why Jay said Kanye “wanted to say a few words” when he introduced him.

    No interview was even planned that night.

    The most asked question on that interview was “Did Jay go to far” not “Why didnt he ask more”

  2. I felt that the mother question was totally set up. Kanye’s publicist likely told Jay to ask that question so that the he could blame his behavior on his mother’s death.

    And Kanye “Wanted to say a few words” to me screamed that the publicists are working hard to mend his reputation.

    That’s likely the same reason that Chris Brown released his video apology to Rhianna and also went on Larry King with his mother. Publicists probably told him he needed to show remorse and accountability.

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