Retard Miley Cyrus Deleted Her Twitter Account


Yes, Miley Cyrus has deleted her Twitter account.  Apparently it was too confusing for her – she never learned how to not post stupid comments, and the press took advantage of this by making everything she said news.


So Miley dumped twitter, hired some dancing skanks and made a rap video about it. Throw down some gang signs and check it out, yo.

Good-bye, Miley.

3 Responses to “Retard Miley Cyrus Deleted Her Twitter Account”

  1. missionmom Says:

    Whatever you think about Miley, calling her a retard is not okay. It not only demeans people with special needs but it makes you look like a 7th grader.

  2. You’re right – calling Miley a “retard” is insulting to special needs people because who wants to be categorized with Miley Cyrus? I sure don’t.

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