Are There Any Intelligent Palin fans?

Chase Whiteside interviews a group of Palin supporters at a book signing in Columbus, Ohio.

2 Responses to “Are There Any Intelligent Palin fans?”

  1. I like that dude. He goes by “New Left Media” on youtube. Unsure where to find any more info on him.

    This one is funny, because he just took the stupid answers, but schooled them of camera. On the first one he would do it on camera.

    When he asked the lady about Czars in the first one, gets the dumb answer, than gives the correct answer. While funny, not as powerful.

    On this one, someone brought up Czars, he asked why they were bad, she said “We are in America.” He begins to teach her a little American History for Idiots, but cuts himself off quickly, cuts tape, than probably screwed her with her pants on with facts for a while.

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