Kevin Smith Ejected From Flight for Being Too Fat

"Hey @SouthwestAir! Look how fat I am on your plane! Quick! Throw me off! "

Kevin Smith went on a twitter rampage today because he was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight for being too “fat”.

Here is a screenshot of what went down, but below I took the liberty of rearranging Kevin’s tweets so you can read them in order and without all of the @SouthwestAir mentions.

Dear Southwest Air,

I know I’m fat, but was Captain Leysath really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?

I flew out in one seat, but right after issuing me a standby ticket, Oakland Southwest attendant Suzanne (wouldn’t give last name) told me Captain Leysath deemed me a “safety risk”.  Again: I’m way fat… But I’m not THERE just yet.  But if I am, why wait til my bag is up, and I’m seated WITH ARM RESTS DOWN. In front of a packed plane with a bunch of folks who’d already I.d.ed me as “Silent Bob.”?

So, Southwest Air, go fuck yourself. I broke no regulation, offered no “safety risk” (what, was I gonna roll on a fellow passenger?). I was wrongly ejected from the flight (even Suzanne eventually agreed).  And fuck your apologetic $100 voucher, Southwest Air. Thank God I don’t embarrass easily (bless you, JERSEY GIRL training).  But I don’t sulk off either: so everyday, some new fuck-you Tweets for @SouthwestAir.

Wanna tell me I’m too wide for the sky?  Totally cool. But fair warning, folks: IF YOU LOOK LIKE ME, YOU MAY BE EJECTED FROM SOUTHWEST AIR.

You fucked with the wrong sedentary processed-foods eater!

I saw someone bigger than me on THAT flight! But I wasn’t about to throw a fellow Fatty under the plane as I’m being profiled. But he & I made eye contact, & he was like “Please don’t tell…”

I’m on another one of your planes, safely seated & buckled-in again, waiting to be dragged off in front of the normies.  And, hey? I didn’t even need a seat belt extender to buckle up. Somehow, that shit fit over my “safety concern”-creating gut.

This is my last Southwest flight. Hopefully by choice.

Look how fat I am on your plane! Quick! Throw me off!


The Southwest Air Diet. How it works: you’re publicly shamed into a slimmer figure. Crying the weight right off has never been easier!

Southwest Air quickly fired back via Twitter, making light of the issue and promising to sort things out with Smith.

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