ZZZlist Radio – Episode 29: The Homeless Episode with Timmy and Mabel

Check out our newest episode, The Homeless Episode with Timmy and Mabel.

Ro and Chris are joined by Timmy and Mabel, a homeless couple living under a bridge in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about homeless people like where they eat, sleep, defecate, and fornicate. BE WARNED… this episode is cruder than most.

Intro “King of the Road” by Roger Miller. Outro “Fancy” by The Geraldine Fibbers.

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One Response to “ZZZlist Radio – Episode 29: The Homeless Episode with Timmy and Mabel”

  1. baloneyhead Says:

    Hey the Homeless episode was great, I would be homeless now except for a wonderful place for homeless Vets in Cincinnati called the Joseph House. http://www.josephhouse.com There motto is “we don’t leave our wounded behind.” I was eminently homeless and terrified. I am 62 years old and thought I was tough, the streets are tougher. Some are on the streets because they want to be some, most have fallen through the cracks. Don’t look the other way, say hello, give them some dignity.

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