So Art Linkletter Died Last Week Too.

Sorry that I originally skipped giving Art Linkletter’s death a mention last week, but I was overwhelmed with the deaths of Dio, Gary Coleman, Simon Monjack, and the dude from Slipknot. And besides, admit it, your first thought was “Art Linkletter was still alive?” Ok here we go…

Art Linkletter, author and host of several television shows 1950s and ’60s died Wednesday, May 26 at the age of 97. According to a relative, “He had been ill in the last few weeks time, but bear in mind he was 97 years old. He wasn’t eating well, and the aging process took him.”

Linkletter had five children, three of whom he had outlived. His 20-year-old daughter, Diane Linkletter, committed suicide in 1969, his son Robert died in a car accident in 1980 and his son Arthur died from lymphoma in 2007.

Diane’s death fascinated me when I was younger because I grew up close to Hollywood and parking behind the apartment where she killed herself was a common occurence for me and my friends. So we’d often talk about her death and the myths surrounding it during the long walk from the car to the club.

Diane Linkletter (October 31, 1948 – October 4, 1969) was youngest child of Art Linkletter, and his wife Lois Foerster. She was 20 years old when she committed suicide in 1969.

Stories surrounding her death differ, but supposedly she was a heroin addict who had just dropped acid on the night she jumped to her death from the sixth floor window of her North Hollywood apartment. Linkletter made this claim himself, but after toxicology reports noted that there were no drugs in her at the time of her death, Linkletter claimed that she was tripping on an acid flashback when she jumped. 

Bobby Darin wrote and released a single titled “Baby May” which was inspired by Diane’s death. In the record’s publicity material, Darin said that he felt Linkletter could have assumed more responsibility for her death.

Filmmaker John Waters made a 16mm film entitled “The Diane Linkletter Story.”  The 9-minute film was a fictionalized version of the events surrounding her death and starred Divine as Diane Linkletter. I couldn’t find a clip of this for you, but here is a weird commercial featuring Art and Diane Linkletter.

One Response to “So Art Linkletter Died Last Week Too.”

  1. Diane didn’t commit suicide she was thrown from the window by the same man who killed Carol Wayne.

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