NBA Player and Activist Manute Bol has Died

Manute Bol poses next to Muggsy Bogues

Manute Bol, the 7’7 Sudanese NBA player and activist has died from a skin disorder known as known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. He was 47-years old.

Manute Bol was a cattle-herder in the Sudanese Dinka tribe and was discovered by a Basketball recruiter who was visiting Africa. He did not learn how to play basketball until he was in his late teens. When recruited by The Bulets, he was an inexperienced player who quickly became a fan favorite due to his phenomenal shot-blocking skills. This was because he could extend his arms and reach up to 10 feet; higher than the basketball rim.

Bol’s shared his fortune with his war-torn home country Sudan. He created a foundation for refugees and victims of the country’s civil war. He donated funds to benefit the children of Sudan, as well as actively participating in fundraising activities to support his causes.

Bol’s awesomeness extended beyond his basketball talent and activism. Not only did he supposedly coin the phrase “My Bad”, but he had a short stint as a horse jockey for charity, and he quite possibly had the coolest name in NBA history. And he definitely had a great sense of humor. Here is a clip of Charles Barkley playing a practical joke at Manute Bol’s expense:

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