Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura’s Brother’s Heaven’s Gate Final Exit Statement

Did you know that Nichelle Nichols, the actress who played Lieutenant Uhura in the original “Star Trek” television series, had a brother Thomas Nichols  who was a member of the Heaven’s Gate cult? If you recall, the Heaven’s Gate Cult were the UFO fanatics based in San Diego county who ate together at Marie Calendars restaurant prior to returning home to commit mass suicide on March 26, 1997.

Dessert was served at home in bed, and consisted of phenobarbital mixed with applesauce or pudding which was then washed down with vodka.  Additionally, plastic bags were placed over their heads induce asphyxiation. They were dead lying  their own bunk beds covered from head to toe with a purple cloth. Each member carried a five dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets.

No word on whether or not Thomas was one of the 7 males who underwent voluntarily underwent castration in Mexico in order to commit to an ascetic lifestyle, but I’m going to go on record and say he was one of the 7 because it makes the story better.

Why am I writing about this now? Because I finally found his “Heaven’s Gate Student Final Exit Statement”, which was videotaped right before his death. I’ve been looking for it for years and finally found it by searching under his cult name DSTODY.  And here it is:

Now how can we convince Scientologists to do the same?




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