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Blow Popped at LAX With “Anomaly in His Pants.” Luckily, no Crack was Exposed.

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Ok so this happened in early December but I don’t know how I missed it. I’m writing about it now solely to showcase my HILARIOUS headline-writing skills.

December 2, 2010: Rapper Kurtis Blow was ticketed at the TSA security checkpoint at LAX after body-scanning technology detected “an anomaly in his pants.”  The TSA determined that a closer look at the small package in his pants was necessary. The anomaly turned out to be less than one ounce of weed – not enough to detain him. So Mr. Blow was ticketed and sent on to his flight.

Good thing the anomaly in his pants was so small.

Uri Geller – Still Spooning After all these Years

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This clip is funny but he’s still a dick.

Greg Giraldo is not Dead… Yet.

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Last night/this morning Greg Giraldo, comedy king of HBO’s celebrity roast shows and judge for NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” was rushed to the emergency room New Brunswick, New Jersey for an alleged drug overdose.

The incident took place in his hotel room, following his show at “The Stress Factory” comedy club in New Jersey. He is currently in the critical care unit but family is gathering. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s Greg roasting Comedian Chevy Chase…

Tea with Tyson

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Here he is… a kinder, gentler Mike Tyson. No babies were eaten during the taping of this segment.  Oh, and I agree with him 100% on cannolis. That shit is nasty.

Cheeseburger Josh’s Conqueror Issues Official Statement

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Joe Guichebarou, the guy who took down the mighty Cheeseburger Josh in the St Patrick’s’ Day Whataburger incident has issued an official response to the episode.

All Josh wanted was a burger. Just one burger.

The Tale of Cheeseburger Josh

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Poor Josh.

Imagine you’re a Texas redneck… out with your friends celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, drinking, having fun, wearing stupid green things around your neck. And suddenly your diabetes type 2 hypoglycemia flares up and you need to fuel up with a delicious cheeseburger or you will pass out. Logically, you’d go to the closest Whataburger for a cheeseburger. Which is what Josh tried to do.

The next thing he knew, his friends ditched him, the restaurant wouldn’t serve him, a hippie beat him up, and his bare ass was hanging out of his shorts. And it was all caught on camera. Now, the video is on Youtube for the world to see – and there is an entry dedicated to him on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Poor Josh.

ZZZlist Radio – Episode 29: The Homeless Episode with Timmy and Mabel

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Check out our newest episode, The Homeless Episode with Timmy and Mabel.

Ro and Chris are joined by Timmy and Mabel, a homeless couple living under a bridge in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about homeless people like where they eat, sleep, defecate, and fornicate. BE WARNED… this episode is cruder than most.

Intro “King of the Road” by Roger Miller. Outro “Fancy” by The Geraldine Fibbers.

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