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Gaddafi Attorney Gets Permission for Judicial Review of Liam Fox

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 British Royal Courts Approve Investigation of Threats to Gaddafi by UK Secretary of Defense

LONDON, England – Giovanni Di Stefano, a London-based attorney acting on behalf of Libya’s embattled leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, received official approval from England’s Royal Courts of Justice for a judicial review against England’s Defense Secretary Liam Fox and the City of Westminster Magistrates Court.

Di Stefano’s request sites various media sources claiming that Liam Fox has directly threatened Gaddafi’s life, citing the “Offences Against the Person Act 1861” and “Criminal Law Act 1977” under the section “Conspiring or soliciting to commit murder.”

Results of this judicial review could leave Fox open for a civil or criminal lawsuit.


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Manson Attorney Claims Tex Watson Was Behind Tate, LaBianca Murders

LONDON, England – In response to a request for clemency for Charles Manson by defense attorney Giovanni Di Stefano, the United States Department of Justice on behalf of President Barack Obama stated, “The President does not seek to intervene in State clemency issues,” and suggested that the request be sent instead to the current California Governor, Jerry Brown.

Speaking from the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Di Stefano stated, “President Obama has the powers under the 14th Amendment and I duly notified President Obama on the 28th February 2011 with detailed submissions. This matter must now be resolved by the Supreme Court.” Di Stefano continued, “Mr. Manson has already served over 42 years and on the basis he is erroneously convicted. He should not be subject to a day further of liberty detained. Mr. Manson has spent enough time in custody, therefore this matter is urgent and cannot be delayed further.”

Di Stefano’s main complaint is that evidence was withheld and that it was, in fact, Tex Watson who masterminded and perpetrated both the Tate and LaBianca murders. The complaint states, “There is now evidence from a California Police Officer that Tex Watson may well have committed murder some nine months prior to any of the killings which if correct would destroy the theory of the Prosecutor that the co-defendants murdered by the mind control of the Applicant.”

Allegedly, this new evidence ties Tex Watson to the murder of an elderly man Karl Stubbs in Olancha, California before Watson was involved with Manson.

Manson is now represented in his appeal by London-based lead attorney Giovanni Di Stefano and Zurich-based US attorney Mitch Watkins.

Arrest Warrant Sought for British Minister of Defense for Threats Against Gaddafi

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By Ro Hurley
March 21, 2011 10:00 PM CT

LONDON, England – On Tuesday, March 22, 2011, Muammar al-Gaddafi’s  attorney Giovanni Di Stefano will appear before the London Magistrates Court to seek an arrest warrant against Liam Fox, Britain’s Minister of Defense.

According to the British newspaper THE DAILY MAIL, Fox reportedly called Gaddafi a “legitimate target” and threatened a “Bunker buster” aimed at Gaddafi’s hideout in Tripoli.

While preparing documents for tomorrow’s court appearance to officially request a warrant of arrest against Fox, Di Stefano stated,

“We cannot allow this kind of behaviour which is contrary to the law of the land since 1861. It falls well outside the ambit of any UN Resolution and wholly without merit. I will seek his immediate resignation as a person now subject to a criminal charge.”

Today U.S. General Carter Ham stated that air strikes will slow within the next few days due to lack of participation and support by Libyan rebels who initially started the revolt against Gaddafi and his military.

5 Years Ago Today: House of Freaks Singer/Guitarist Bryan Harvey, His Wife Kathryn, and Daughters Stella and Ruby Were Murdered

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It was New Year’s Day 2006 when the Harvey family Bryan (49), Katheryn (39), Stella (9), and Ruby (4), were brutally murdered in the basement of their home.

Bryan Harvey and Johnny Hott (Hott is a family name – not a stage name) were a popular indie musical duo from Richmond, Virginia called “House of Freaks.” I first ran across them circa 1986 at McCabe’s Guitar shop in Santa Monica where (I think) they opened for fIREHOSE and I became an instant fan. When their first album “Monkey on a Chain Gang” came out, I loved it so much it became the only album I have ever purchased in vinyl, cassette, and CD. To this day, it is one of my top 5 favorite albums (tied with Love’s self titled album). Here is one of the few videos I could find on the band.

The killings, dubbed the “Richmond Spree Murders”, were committed over a 7-day period by ex-cons Ray Joseph Dandridge and Ricky Javon Gray.  Dandridge and Gray brutally murdered seven people including the Harvey family. Ultimately they were caught and are both confessed. They were both sentenced to death and are currently waiting on the court appeals process.

If you knew Bryan or Kathryn Harvey, or have photos of them and are willing to release them for publication, please call (310) 439-9979 to leave a message or email me at


My Theory on the Boneheads Who Blocked Traffic on Hollywood’s 101 Freeway

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Remember October 12, 2010 because it’s an historic date in music history. That’s the day that a band of 30-something music biz failures called “Imperial Stars” used a truck to block four lanes of the 101 freeway near Sunset Boulevard to give a free “Hardcore Rap” concert to unwilling motorists held captive in the massive traffic jam caused by the band.

Keith Richard Yackey, 31, Christopher Roy Wright, 32, and David Paul Hale, 30, say they did it to help homeless children (themselves, perhaps?). But their moronic publicity stunt could be what they needed to break into the business of becoming prison boy-toys since all three were charged with felonies as a result.

Their grasp for fame was somewhat of a success, however, because it did gain them a whopping 246 Twitter followers (they originally had 3 followers, all of whom were actually in the band).

On their official webpage, the bio reads like it belongs in the BBC show, “Bad News Tour” or “This is Spinal Tap”. Here is just a sampling what you’ll find there:

“Along with Christopher, Rap Vocalist Paul Arabella exhales igneous verse that bridge chorus potential into hit records. Smooth in delivery, this peerless lyrical professional controls the measure and moves the beat with direction.”

So what’s my theory on these guys? I think they are comedians and they’ve fooled us all. Think about it… their music is shit, they’re too old to still have the dream of “making it”, and their website appears so unintentionally hilarious it’s hard to believe that these guys are serious. I mean, how could they make a music video like this and keep a straight face?

Uri Geller – Still Spooning After all these Years

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This clip is funny but he’s still a dick.

ZZZlist Radio – Episode 32: Interview with Thomas Riccio

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In this episode, Ro and Chris are joined by Thomas Riccio, the man who recorded O.J. Simpson conducting a robbery in Riccio’s own hotel room! Our interview was cut short so stay tuned for a part 2!

Download it here.

Intro “OJ Robbery Audio”. Outro “Murder for Money” by Morphine.

Goodfella Henry Hill’s Reddit Interview + Dallas Event!

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Henry Hill, the ex-mobster portrayed by Ray Liotta in “Goodfellas”, did a special interview for Reddit. Watch the video here.

Also, Dallas area folks… come and meed the Legend himself, Henry Hill, on Friday August 8 at Silver City – Dallas’ Premiere Cabaret.

“Goodfella” Henry Hill to Appear in Dallas – You’re Invited!

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Come help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film “Goodfellas” at Silver City – Dallas’ Premiere Cabaret on Friday, August 6th at 9p.

Watch the movie “Goodfellas” along with the man who was portrayed by Ray Liotta in this epic Martin Scorsese film. Henry will be there answering questions, signing autographs, and selling his exclusive merchandise.

This is an “adults only” event.

Redditors – Join us for a Dallas meet-up!

“Goodfellas” inducted into Spike TV’s “Guy Movie Hall of Fame”

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James Gandolfini inducts the movie “Goodfellas” into Spike TV’s “Guy-movie Hall of Fame”.

The award was accepted by Robert DeNiro and  Ray Liotta, who shout out to Henry in the  audience. The taping will air on Sunday, June 20 on Spike TV.

The best quote of the night was:

Robert DeNiro: “Henry… stay down there. I don’t want to get hit by anything meant for you.”

>> Watch it here.<<

Congrats to Henry!