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Porn Star Little Lupe Gets Man Off in Puerto Rico

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While she may look underage, her website claims that she is a 20-year-old girl from Spain. But her being of-age didn’t stop prosecutors in Puerto Rico from detaining a man who was carrying her video Little Lupe the Innocent through customs and filing Child Pornography charges against him.

Carlos Simon-Timmerman purchased the DVD in Venezuela and was returning to his home in New York with a connection in San Juan, Puerto Rico when he was detained.  When the star of the porn Lupe Fuentes heard that a man was facing a 20-year prison term for possession of her film,  she flew to Puerto Rico to attend the trial and prove to the authorities that she was an adult when the film was shot.

Here is a clip of an interview with her and her boyfriend Evan Seinfeld: the lead singer for the metal band Biohazard who is also known for his acting role in HBO’s Oz, and starring in adult films with ex-wife Tera Patrick.

Rip Torn Busted.

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Poor Rip Torn was busted last night for breaking into a bank in his hometown of Salisbury, CT.  The 78-year-old actor was was drunk and armed with a loaded gun. He is being held on $100,000 bail. Charges include: carrying a firearm while intoxicated, burglary, carrying a pistol without a permit,  and criminal trespass, to name a few.

Beware of Pete Townshend!

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Some Miami residents were treated to an advisory sent out by Protect Our Children, Inc. warning them about an alleged child predator: Pete Townshend, guitarist from the rock band The Who.

Why are they targeting Townshend? In 2003, he was placed on a UK sex-offender list for charges related to online child pornography. The Who will be in Miami on February 7th to play during Superbowl half-time.

Nancy Kerrigan’s Father Dead. Brother Arrested.

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Former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan’s 70-year-old father Daniel died at her childhood home in Stoneham, MA.  Her brother Mark (age 45) has been arrested in connection with Daniel’s death.

Mark Kerrigan had been living at the home of his parents for unknown reasons, and in a drunken state, wanted to use the kitchen phone at about 1:00am. Daniel Kerrigan refused to let him use the phone, and a struggle ensued. Mark grabbed his father by the neck when Daniel fell to the ground of an apparent heart-attack.

Paramedics arrived and took the elder Kerrigan to the hospital, but were unable to revive him.

Police had to use pepper spray to subdue Mark, who was described as “belligerent and combative” by the arresting officers.

Funeral services for Daniel Kerrigan are planned for this week.

Free Gary Coleman!

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Today my man Gary Coleman was arrested in Santaquin, Utah on a warrant from a previous count of domestic assault. He’s being held on almost $2,000 bail.

Poor guy can’t get a break. Between a history of hospital visits, thieving parents, and being harassed by overzealous fans, Coleman just can’t seem to be able to live his life. Where can I donate towards his bail?

Berlusconi Punched, Attacked In Face At Rally.

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ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi was punched in the face at the end of a rally on Sunday by a man holding a small statue in his hand, leaving the 73-year-old media mogul with a bloodied mouth and looking stunned, police said. The 42-year-old man accused of attacking Berlusconi in Milan as he signed autographs was immediately taken into custody.

The US Secret Service would have had our President in a moving car by :02 of this video.

Palin Tricked By Comedian Again, Says Canada Should Drop Public Health Care (VIDEO)

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HuffPo:At a recent stop on her “Going Rogue” book tour, Sarah Palin told Canadian comedian Mary Walsh that Canada should get rid of its public health care system.

Walsh is the co-creator and star of This Hour Has 22 Minutes — a nightly news parody show in the same vein as The Daily Show — and she arrived in character, as the conservative Marg Delahunty, to the Borders where Palin (the “Alaskan Aphrodite”) was signing books.

“I just wanted to ask you if you have any words of encouragement for Canadian conservatives who have worked so hard to try to diminish the kind of socialized medicine we have up there.” Walsh shouted to Palin as she approached the table.

Palin’s handlers tried to help her by ushering Walsh out of the Borders, but Palin could not be deterred. When Palin left the signing, Walsh caught up with her in the parking lot, where Palin suggested that Canada should get rid of its public health care system. “Keep the faith” Palin said, “because common sense conservatism can be plugged in there in Canada too. In fact, Canada needs to reform its health care system and let the private sector take over some of what the government has absorbed.”

Raw Story points out that it is unlikely this plan will go over well among Canadians — even among conservatives.

A recent study found that 90 percent of Canadians support universal, single-payer health care. A poll taken last summer shows 82 percent of Canadians believe their health care system to be better than the US’s, despite constant grumbling about waiting times for treatment of non-life-threatening conditions.

This is Palin’s second brush with Canadian comedians. Last November a comedian from Montreal convinced the former governor she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Watch the video below.

Best Sarah Palin late night talk show laughs concerning “Going Rogue”

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Sarah Palin does the rounds on late night with Letterman, Colbert, Conan, Ferguson, Fallon & Kimmel. With Lawrence O’Donnell on Countdown. From MSNBC &

Raw Video – Cop Kills 2 Teens in June

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Dave Servin and Ashlie Krakowski

Below is video from an accident on June 13  in which Milford, CT police officer Jason Anderson and fellow officer Richard Pisani were allegedly drag-racing. Anderson was going 94 miles an hour with no emergency lights when a car carrying  19-year-old David Servin and 19-year-old Ashlie Krakowski turned in front of the cruiser. Both teens were killed in the crash. 

Anderson was suspended with pay and is charged with two counts of second-degree manslaughter and one count of reckless driving.

Ding Dong the D.C. Sniper is Dead

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John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind behind the D.C. sniper attacks in 2002, was executed tonight by lethal injection in Virginia. He had been on death row after his conviction for killing 10 people in the Washington DC metro area.

Muhammad proclaimed his innocence until the end and did not utter any final words before he died.

His accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo is serving multiple life prison terms with no chance of parole.