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Thai Start-Up Airline Looking for Ladyboys to Service Customers

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New Thai airline PC Air is recruiting flight attendants. Applications are accepted fro all genders – male, female, and katoeys (Thai for “cross-dressing males” and also “trans-gendered” individuals).

Using the slogan, “I Believe it’s ‘My Way,'” this ballsy new direction opens a new employment options for Thailand’s “third sex” claimed the company’s CEO Peter Chan. Hiring requirements are as follows:

  • Thai nationality
  • Age not over 27 years old
  • Bachelor degree graduated in any field
  • Height not less than 160 (female), 170 (male) with proportional weight
  • Excellent communication skills – both Thai and English
  • Smart personality with positive and caring attitude
  • Able to swim (minimum of 50 meters)

Bachelor’s degree?

Best Sarah Palin late night talk show laughs concerning “Going Rogue”

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Sarah Palin does the rounds on late night with Letterman, Colbert, Conan, Ferguson, Fallon & Kimmel. With Lawrence O’Donnell on Countdown. From MSNBC &

Sarah Palin Out of Control

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leavepalinaloneTodd Palin: Wife’s Clothes Shopping Spree “Out Of Our Control”

WASHINGTON — The husband of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says the Republican Party’s lavish spending on her wardrobe during the presidential campaign was “out of our control.” In the May issue of Men’s Journal, Todd Palin was asked about the more than $150,000 that the Republican National Committee spent on clothes, accessories and beauty services for the GOP vice presidential nominee. He defended his wife, saying she was focused on preparation for her debate with Joe Biden.

“She never went to Saks, or any of that stuff,” he said. “You come into a campaign late, you put all your trust into the team, you got people who are working on VP ops for a long time, and we’re just focused on debate prep. I couldn’t give a rat’s (expletive) about clothes. Please. I mean these are my Sunday go-to-meeting jeans!”


Yeah, OK Todd. She didn’t want all those nice clothes. Women hate nice clothes. They forced them down her throat. Those animals! Wait, isn’t she facing an ethics violation involving these clothes. Ohhhh, I get it.

You Say “Gorilla”, I Say “Guerrilla”

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To be young and in love...
To be young and in love…

Venezuela is a crazy place. But we are in the midst (or “mist”. As in “Gorillas in the mist”. I’ve been drinking.) of Carnivale, so it’s excusable.

If my typing is crazy, it’s because of this crazy Spanish keyboard. Or maybe it’s the alcohol.


Socialist Dog


Tinker Bell

Graffetti Plant

To fill up a jeep Cherokee with gas was less than 1.00 US.