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Hilarious Ads for Adult Films

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Amour, a Canadian porn company, has a hilarious new advertising campaign for their line of adult movies.

Their slogan is “You won’t watch for the acting,” and they prove their point by commercial spots featuring bubble-headed actresses and a skeezy director assuring them that the lines that they just read (horribly) were “perfect”.

Watch for yourself – these spots are safe for work. Here is a montage of television ads for Amour:

ZZZlist Radio Special: Interview with Charmane Star

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Check out our newest episode, ZZZlist Radio Special: Interview with Charmane Star.

In this special, Ro interviews Charmane Star, model, adult film actress, and one of Black Dynamite’s “Ladies of Leisure”.

Check Charmane out at and

Intro song “Heat” by The Jesus and Mary Chain. Outro “Wicked” by Giant Drag.

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