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RIP Brendan Mullen

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Mike Watt and Brendan Mullen

Mike Watt and Brendan Mullen

Brendan Mullen died of a major stroke this week at the age of 60.  He was the founder of the legendary Hollywood Hardcore Punk club Masque in 1977.

Brendan Mullen was always very kind to me… in the old days, always a kindness and interest. When the band before the minutemen made two cassettes of a prac (only recording of them), I gave one to brendan – he was only person to get cuz the other got kept in a drawer. Ever since old days we’d have huge spiels together, lots. Intelligent man. Helpful man. Drummer man, too. He’d call me with ideas all the time… more recent was to make album… now there’s no time. Fuck. He was great cat, great cat! Big love always to him from Mike Watt. He touched many folks’ lives…

Big loss for our team – missing you! ~ Mike Watt

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