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ZZZlist Radio – Episode 28: Climate Change with Bob Freeman and Big Tone

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Check out our newest episode, Climate Change with Bob Freeman and Big Tone.

Ro and Chris are joined by Bob Freeman and Big Tone.

We discuss climate change and spitting versus swallowing. Go to the Bob Freeman Board  to interact with Freeman and Big Tone.

Intro “Ice Ice Flippy” by Manila Ice. Outro “Johnny Johnny Johnny” by Shonen Knife.

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Glenn Beck thinks Government will make you stop eating meat. Seriously.

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They're coming to take me away ha-ha!

Beck somehow thinks he’ll somehow be personally forced to stop eating meat. He then becomes horrified about the “indoctrination” of school children in Baltimore, which has instituted a Meatless Monday lunch program. The “controversy” of serving vegetarian food in schools has also been described by Lou Dobbs as a “political storm in the making”.