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ZZZlist Radio Episode 20

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Check out our newest episode, ZZZlist Radio Episode 20.

In this episode… Roman Polanski, David Hasselhoff, Mackenzie Phillips, Hugo Chavez, Fox News, and more!

Intro song “12-XU” by Manic Hispanic. Outro “Fuck Forever” by Babyshambles.

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Hasselhoff Says He Wasn’t Drunk.

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TMZ has reported that David Hasselhoff was not drunk when his 17-year-old daughter ratted him out to his ex-wife for drinking.

“Hasselhoff’s people tell us he was being treated by his family doctor for an ear infection and was taking Antivert. Hasselhoff was also taking Antabuse, which prevents alcoholics from drinking. The Hoff’s camp says the combination of drugs messed up his equilibrium, he was feeling sick and wasn’t able to reach his family doctor. “


Imagine having Hoff for a dad, and trying to figure out when he has an ear infection, when he’s drinking, when he’s mixing drugs he shouldn’t, and how to get hamburger stains off of the floor. It’s got to be tough for the girl sorting that shit out.

Hasselhoff so drunk daughter calls her mom who calls 911.

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I can haz Cheeseburger

I can haz Cheeseburger

David Hasselhoff was taken to the hospital Sunday night after his daughter sounded an alarm that he had been drinking to excess.
17-year-old Hayley Hasselhoff called her mother Pamela, claiming David was extremely drunk. Paramedics arrived at the family’s home in Encino and took him to the hospital.