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Bam Margera – No OD, Dehydrated.

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TMZ spoke to Bam Margera who said he was rushed to the hospital Sunday after a four day drinking binge — not because of a possible drug overdose.

The “Jackass” star blames the “4-day bender” on marital problems, telling us “I may get a divorce … booze helps.”

TMZ also spoke to Bam’s mother — who told us Bam’s wife Missy called 911 because she was worried about his health after learning that he popped an Ambien during the drinking bender.

Margera says his kidney and leg muscles were a mess from not eating or drinking enough water — but the hospital flushed out his system and he was released to his home after speaking to a psychiatrist.

Farrah’s Cancer Worsens. Redmond…You Aren’t Helping, Son.

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The Associated Press has reported that 70’s actress Farrah Fawcett ‘s anal cancer has spread to her liver

Farrah Fawcett is being treated for anal cancer that has spread to her liver and has been hospitalized for a complication from a routine treatment, a producer who worked with the actress and her doctor said Monday.”

redmond-onealMeanwhile, Redmond O’Neal, Farrah’s son with actor Ryan O’Neal, was arrested on Sunday for bringing drugs into a Los Angeles jail facility.


“A deputy at a jail in Castaic, north of Los Angeles, was doing a security sweep of the jail’s parking lot when he stopped the 24-year-old, who acknowledged he was carrying drugs and was apparently at the jail giving a ride to a friend, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said.”

Last year, Redmond was arrested with daddy Ryan for drug posession as well.