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The Tale of Cheeseburger Josh

Posted in Comedy, Food with tags , , , , on March 29, 2010 by Ro

Poor Josh.

Imagine you’re a Texas redneck… out with your friends celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, drinking, having fun, wearing stupid green things around your neck. And suddenly your diabetes type 2 hypoglycemia flares up and you need to fuel up with a delicious cheeseburger or you will pass out. Logically, you’d go to the closest Whataburger for a cheeseburger. Which is what Josh tried to do.

The next thing he knew, his friends ditched him, the restaurant wouldn’t serve him, a hippie beat him up, and his bare ass was hanging out of his shorts. And it was all caught on camera. Now, the video is on Youtube for the world to see – and there is an entry dedicated to him on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Poor Josh.