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Dana Plato’s Son Tyler Lambert Killed Himself Earlier this Month

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I don’t mean for this to be the death blog, but I decided to post this in the aftermath of Gary Coleman’s death.

Tyler Lambert, the son of “Diff’rent Strokes” star Dana Plato, committed suicide earlier this month on May 6 – just two days before the 11th anniversary of his mother’s intentionally fatal drug overdose. Lambert, 25, died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

Dana Plato was married to musician Lanny Lambert and gave birth to Tyler in 1985. After the couple divorced, Lambert was given full custody of Tyler. As an adult, Tyler had been working as a cameraman and a songwriter.

Tyler’s grandmother mentioned that his sudden suicide could be because he never fully dealt with his mother’s death, and that he had been experimenting with alcohol and drugs.

Shortly after Plato’s death, I saw Tyler Lambert and Gary Coleman together on a TV news show. Coleman appeared so sincere in his condolences to Tyler, it made me realize what a big heart Gary Coleman had. I searched for the video to post but couldn’t find it. If anyone has it, please shoot me an email at

Gary Coleman has Died at the Age of 42

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Former child TV star Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42 after an intracranial hemorrhage left him comatose and on life support.

“Child actor Gary Coleman, star of the hit series “Diff’rent Strokes” died at approximately 12:05 p.m. Mountain Standard Time at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Family members and close friends were at his side when life support was terminated,” said hospital spokeswoman Janet Frank.

This is very sad news for me. I was a big fan. RIP Arnold Jackson!

Here is a montage of clips to remind you all how awesome he was!

Gary Coleman, Please Don’t Die!

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Actor Gary Coleman, 42, is in a coma and on life-support with a brain hemorrhage in a Utah hospital, according to his manager John Alcantar.  He was the star of the hit series “Diff’rent Strokes” in which he played precocious orphan Arnold Jackson. The series also starred Dana Plato and Todd Bridges.

Coleman fell in his Utah home on Wednesday and was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Subsequently, Coleman was transferred to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. He remained “conscious and lucid” until the afternoon of May 27, when he slipped into a coma and was placed on life support.

I’ve always been an advocate for Gary Coleman as you can see here and here. I think he is a good person who got a lot of raw deals. He had to sue his parents for the money he earned during his stint on “Diff’rent Strokes”. He was plagued by health problems his entire life, which affected his height and stopped his growth at 4’8. Over the years, he has been assaulted by overzealous fans who saw him as an easy target. And now this. I’m not religious so I can’t pray for him, but I do wish him the best and hope he fully recovers from this.

Free Gary Coleman!

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Today my man Gary Coleman was arrested in Santaquin, Utah on a warrant from a previous count of domestic assault. He’s being held on almost $2,000 bail.

Poor guy can’t get a break. Between a history of hospital visits, thieving parents, and being harassed by overzealous fans, Coleman just can’t seem to be able to live his life. Where can I donate towards his bail?

ZZZlist Radio Episode 17

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Check out our newest episode, ZZZlist Radio Episode 17.

In this episode… The murder of Jasmine Fiore, Dr. Conrad Murray, KFC’s Double Down Sandwich, Gary Coleman, Katy Abrams, and more.

Intro song “Not Love” by Malik Yusef. Outro “Stand By Me” by Playing For Change.

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Gary Coleman’s New Gig

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Canadian French Fry chain New York Fries has commissioned former child actor Gary Coleman (41) for their new ad campaign. According to their spokesperson, Coleman will be doing a series of print and billboard ads throughout Canada.

Gary Coleman’s Wife Arrested

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According to E! Online… Shannon Price, the wife of Gary Coleman, was arrested for domestic violence.

“Gary Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price, was arrested Wednesday in Santaquin, Utah, on suspicion of domestic violence and disorderly conduct, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office confirms to E! News.

The duo have a home in Santaquin, but it’s not known for sure whether Coleman was the target of the alleged attack.

Price has since been released on a $1,205 bond. A rep for Coleman has not yet commented on the bust.”

 I’m pretty protective when it comes to Gary Coleman. I love the little guy. If that bitch hurt him I swear so help me god…