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ZZZlist Radio – Episode 28: Climate Change with Bob Freeman and Big Tone

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Check out our newest episode, Climate Change with Bob Freeman and Big Tone.

Ro and Chris are joined by Bob Freeman and Big Tone.

We discuss climate change and spitting versus swallowing. Go to the Bob Freeman Board  to interact with Freeman and Big Tone.

Intro “Ice Ice Flippy” by Manila Ice. Outro “Johnny Johnny Johnny” by Shonen Knife.

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South Carolina GOP lawmaker booed, the other one, about Glenn Beck.

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Glenn Beck Lies!

Glenn Beck Lies!

Rep. Bob Inglis (RightOn!) got booed for explaining one way Glenn Beck sucks.

Inglis was shouted down when he asked listeners why they’re afraid of President Barack Obama — and then suggested that they stop watching conservative TV commentator Glenn Beck.

More recently, Inglis has been one of the few Republican lawmakers to view global warming as a crisis, introducing a bill that would tax carbon emissions.

Inglis has further incited Upstate activists with his vote to punish fellow South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson for yelling “you lie!” at Obama during an address to Congress.