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My Theory on the Boneheads Who Blocked Traffic on Hollywood’s 101 Freeway

Posted in Crime with tags , , , , , , on December 5, 2010 by Ro

Remember October 12, 2010 because it’s an historic date in music history. That’s the day that a band of 30-something music biz failures called “Imperial Stars” used a truck to block four lanes of the 101 freeway near Sunset Boulevard to give a free “Hardcore Rap” concert to unwilling motorists held captive in the massive traffic jam caused by the band.

Keith Richard Yackey, 31, Christopher Roy Wright, 32, and David Paul Hale, 30, say they did it to help homeless children (themselves, perhaps?). But their moronic publicity stunt could be what they needed to break into the business of becoming prison boy-toys since all three were charged with felonies as a result.

Their grasp for fame was somewhat of a success, however, because it did gain them a whopping 246 Twitter followers (they originally had 3 followers, all of whom were actually in the band).

On their official webpage, the bio reads like it belongs in the BBC show, “Bad News Tour” or “This is Spinal Tap”. Here is just a sampling what you’ll find there:

“Along with Christopher, Rap Vocalist Paul Arabella exhales igneous verse that bridge chorus potential into hit records. Smooth in delivery, this peerless lyrical professional controls the measure and moves the beat with direction.”

So what’s my theory on these guys? I think they are comedians and they’ve fooled us all. Think about it… their music is shit, they’re too old to still have the dream of “making it”, and their website appears so unintentionally hilarious it’s hard to believe that these guys are serious. I mean, how could they make a music video like this and keep a straight face?