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ZZZlist Radio – Episode 32: Interview with Thomas Riccio

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In this episode, Ro and Chris are joined by Thomas Riccio, the man who recorded O.J. Simpson conducting a robbery in Riccio’s own hotel room! Our interview was cut short so stay tuned for a┬ápart 2!

Download it here.

Intro “OJ Robbery Audio”. Outro “Murder for Money” by Morphine.

Stay Classy Tea Baggers.

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So you see a Jewish man talking to a news reporter about how Israel has a strong public health insurance plan.

Do you:

A) Ask for more information about Isreal’s health care plan.
B) Give statistics about how America’s health care plan is better.
C) Agree to disagree and enjoy some falafel.
D) Yell Heil Hitler at the Jewish man, then make cry baby noises.

If you chose D, you are a real tea bagger.

R.I.P. Danny Gans

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Ok I admit it… I only knew who Danny Gans was because every time I’ve been to Las Vegas, his name and photo was plastered all over the city and on every magazine. I didn’t even know what his act was… magic, comedy, singing… I had no clue.

I just found out today that Danny Gans was a “musical impressionist” (whatever that is) because TMZ has reported that he died. He was only 52, which is a young age to go. Especially if you’re a millionaire.