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Blow Popped at LAX With “Anomaly in His Pants.” Luckily, no Crack was Exposed.

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Ok so this happened in early December but I don’t know how I missed it. I’m writing about it now solely to showcase my HILARIOUS headline-writing skills.

December 2, 2010: Rapper Kurtis Blow was ticketed at the TSA security checkpoint at LAX after body-scanning technology detected “an anomaly in his pants.”  The TSA determined that a closer look at the small package in his pants was necessary. The anomaly turned out to be less than one ounce of weed – not enough to detain him. So Mr. Blow was ticketed and sent on to his flight.

Good thing the anomaly in his pants was so small.

Hey, Uh, Guys… Cannabis is a PLANT

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Michael Phelps did not inhale.

Michael Phelps did not inhale.

It grows in nature. Like trees n shit. Get the fuck over it.
Pot Charge Possible After Phelps’ Pipe Photo