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I Bet This Guy Would Love KFC’s Quadruple Down Sandwich!

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Here is an obese man going apeshit because he didn’t get his chicken at McDonalds.

Free Evil Ronald McDonald Mask for Halloween

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PETA is sending out free evil Ronald McDonald masks just in time for Halloween! Get yours now, while supplies last.

Sign up to receive your FREE evil Ronald McDonald mask HERE.

PETA Strikes Again!

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This weekend, youngsters got to see first hand what can happen to you if you promote your chicken products while practicing chicken-abuse in Controlled Atmosphere Killing facilities.


Can’t a clown get a break?


A 4 Year-Old McDonalds Happy Meal

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Ever wondered what a 4-year-old McDonalds hamburger looks like? Me neither, but here it is:

On a side note… how can a dietician be so chubby and still be taken seriously? Isn’t that like being a “Family Values” politician who patronizes prostitutes?

McDonald’s Big Mac in a….. Tortillia?

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McDonald’s is test-marketing a new snack-wrap in select US markets (Phoenix, Houston, Milwaukee, and Michigan City) and all of Canada. It’s called the Mac Snack Wrap.


Ingredients include everything inside of a Big Mac but in smaller quantities: 1/2 of an all-beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions. But instead of the sesame-seed bun, the Mac Snack Wrap is neatly tucked into a warm flour tortillia. In the US it sells for $1.49.